A short film launching Drink Less, a recycled sculpture highlighting 4 major global polluters today


The first sculpture to leave the Makers Place studio in the Baa Atol, Maldives is made exclusively from beach cleanup recycled Coca Cola cans and is titled 'Drink Less'. This newly established carbon neutral recycling studio is tackling single use Plastic & Aluminium pollution & the global warming associated from their production and disposal. Most single use packaging simply ends up in land fill rubbish tips, dumped into our oceans or worse still burned in open fires as seen in many developing countries around the world. 

It is will great sadness that the drinks industry has attributed to 15% of the worlds global warming over the past 10 years alone. To see that still to this date over 90% of these valuable and difficult to produce materials are not recycled which is adding exponentially to global warming and the weather pattern changes we are all presently experiencing around the world. (Supporting Data here).

To me it is morally indefensible to continue this business practice, now is the time for action; not blind consumption. We must mobilise the civil rights movement of our generation, to hold to account the companies that are causing the majority of global pollution for profit to the great expense of the natural world. A movement of greening our own lifestyles is simply not enough; but to hold to account what these corporations are doing while they  cleverly guilt spin us into change, while they remain exactly the same.

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Contact us for availability of 'Drink Less' made of beach cleanup Coca Cola cans.

production  Egor Pasta - https://www.instagram.com/egorpasta
sound         SubOctane - https://www.instagram.com/suboctane

drink less aluminium sculpture made from recycled aluminium drinks cans in a green studio