Dark Vat resident artist revisit their experience of speed sketching in the black water reflection pool


Dark Vat Resident Artist Alexey Igorevich Shidlovsky revisits his experience of speed sketching in the black water reflection pool where all the resident artists were invited to watch my working process within the space and interpret the experience in their own way. One year on Alexey revisits the conversation.

"This was the first time that I was able to look at another artist at his own work in his own space. Previously, Alexander made pure magic and created Dark Vat, not only the studio itself but he built a water tank, the largest so far in his life, as he stated himself. 

It was reflection pool was large and flat and built in a totally dark space, inside was water. I think, Alexander may speak in a kind of water language. I was exited about his session and decided to take a chance to be inside of the Dark Vat while he worked. During this evening session there were a lot of models, who were all actually professional dancers and ballerinas. Ballet and contemporary mixed together. Alexander was taking still photos (digital and analogue) and shooting video. The models were making specific movements according to Alexanders precise instructions. The whole process was without pauses. I set in a dark corner space so as not to disturb his ‘flow’ which as an onlooker was very intense. 

For each sketch I had not more then 2-4 seconds - pure gestural movements direct to the paper, in effect I was just painting snippets of their movements. Then afterwardsI repainted them onto tracing paper, this time carefully exploring my initial fast line work. The result of which you may see below..." Alexey Igorevich Shidlovsky October 2020. 

you can discover more of Alexey's work here - https://www.instagram.com/alex_love_sky/

Here is a snippet film clip of what he what he witnessed within the space along with a single still image to show my intended direction - you can see the works I created during these sessions in the
Dark Vat Gallery.

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Below you can see Alexey's speed sketch interpretations from his experience in the space.