Notations in a Russian diary as I cross 7 countries alone in a vintage truck driving to Russia


As many of you may well already know the studio is being fully relocated with the main move happening as I type this posting on a rest stop. Currently enjoying some wonderful hospitality in Warsaw after a 27 hour drive in a newly acquired 7 tonnes rig. The overnight drive was a little marred with a 3 am breakdown in Berlin, nothing more that a hose air leak which caused a 50% drop in power from the plant, and while you are hauling a full load this made anything over 50klms per hour impossible. Needless to say it took me over an hour and a half to find the problem and I felt every minute in the sub zero temperatures. a temporary fix had me on my way (gaffa tape). Actually the fix seemed fine cruising at 100 klms so i foolishly passed a swath of garages only to find that further along the fix itself had failed. Time for a new hose which came from a seriously friendly polish mechanic and his family who all seemed to be in the tow truck that arrived. He knew what to do and had picked up the part on his way over to me with my description of the problem and it done in ten minutes; nice. Getting snow tyres fitted in the morning and onwards to Moscow, should be there by Friday morning. pics to follow sorry, Rolleiflex you know ...

the vintage old mercedes luton van that artist alexander james drove from london to moscow