Poetry recital - Prayers for sleep re-written - performed and written by Distil Ennui artist in residence


Resident artist Sophie Fenella recites her first piece created through her residency.

Inspired by the dream-like aesthetic of Alexander's work, this short film tells a story of falling in love with a dream.  The world of dreams overrides wakefulness, illusions merge with reality, unconsciousness slips into consciousness, in a struggle to preserve the visions experienced in dreams before they fade, and become nothing but a distant memory.

In 'Ophelia' from 'A beautiful announcement of deaththere is a deep melancholic mourning for a lost love. Mourning is a constant longing for memories to be real, to bring back the past, and ultimately resurrect the dead. This piece speaks of this longing, and a desire to turn back time and re-live lost memories.

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