darkroom print and film processing in the studio


'Fear is a darkroom where dreams set sail in a caustic sea.'

I have always been fascinated with analogue film and paper processing, still maintaining the systems to process, scan, darkroom and digital print the plates from within the studio walls has been highly rewarding from a creative perspective. I still have a film fridge full of 5*4 and 8*10 inch film and try to complete at least 2 projects a year with those films that remain. I am not sure how many other artists are left still working with the old photographic processes at their core. With limited film supplies out there, I am certain very few.

here is the Jobo film processor..

holding an original 8*10" film plate from the series 'Visions from the shoreline'

here a set of 5*4 inch colour transparency film is preparing for mounting directly into conservation frames.

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