Three very funny meme videos from downfall, here Hitler's painting is rejected by the Whitney Biennial


Just for fun I am sharing these videos as like its creator I am no longer enthused with the art world drowning in a cesspool of intellectual prostitution, and the institutions feeding upon it.

The big gallery system has clearly become dysfunctional, the only worthy provenance for a collector is that of direct contact with the artist and their studio.

My absolute favourites is this second 'Downfall' meme of Hitler reacting to the news that artist Simone Leigh has left the Hauser & Wirth mega-gallery. Enjoy the absurdity of this hilarious commentary on the art world. Just Wonderful... I could not find the original on YouTube so its a Twitter link, but it is absolutely worth it, absolutely hysterical.


And here the same clip but this time Hitler reacts to an upstart artist who is putting political ads up in the subway system and is reaching more people than those of Hitler himself.


thanks for watching, please lets stay connected.