New piece titled caeruleum aurum leaves the studio for PHOTO Shanghai


NEW RELEASE 'Cærulei Aurum’ latin 'blue gold' is leaving the studio for PHOTO Shanghai. This exciting release is much anticipated following the 2012 release of two previous works from this underwater series ‘Glass’. They were ‘Dreaming Morpheus’ and ‘Vitreous Love’ In this body of work I explore a process formulated in the studio that naturally removes the pigment from the capillaries in rose petals. It is a complex procedure that replaces the pigment with highly purified water over a period of days, leaving only the skeletal fibre and plant structure visible. Remarkably, the plants continue to live and grow throughout the process.

These beautifully detailed and painterly photographic works are captured underwater and presented 'as shot' without the use of either traditional or digital post-production. From the outset, I wanted to take this instantly recognisable subject and re-present it in an entirely new and significant way. Originality of process is paramount, even with something as common place as a rose. More from the "Glass" series release here.