My practice is driven by a lifelong interest in field observation, scientific discovery with a prominence in exploring the liquid mechanics of water. I believe it is my role to make the concerns of art relevant to society at large,  a crucial means for turning thinking into doing in the world; spanning sculpture, painting, photography, film, lighting and installation. Not limited by the architectural confines of the art world, my practice engages the broader public sphere through interventions within natural landscapes and civic spaces alike, arts education, policy-making, issues of sustainability and ecocide.


Since the very beginning I am still deeply connected to an analogue process, producing works underwater on large format film plates without the use of post production. Since 2013 all prints are unique, with no editions ever to be released.



Alexander James Hamilton

Born 1967, London



02-2021     –    'FusionDellasposa Gallery, London. 

07-2020     –    'Renaciendo' site specific installation, derelict Baroque Carmelite convent dating from 1688.

05-2019     –    'Breaking the plastic habit' public art installation climate change week; Canary Wharf, London.

05-2018     –    'Visions from the shoreline' Dellasposa Gallery, London.

08-2017     –    'Death of the dream' Dellasposa Gallery, 93 Piccadilly, London.

05-2017     –    'All icons are false' D-Contemporary Gallery, London.

05-2016     –    'The illusion of oil'  Ekaterinburg, Russia.

01-2015     –    'Oil + Water' IX sculptural works created & installed in the forests of Siberia.

10-2014     –    'Vanitas' Cafe Royal London. 2nd Oct 2014 until 2nd Jan 2015.

04-2014     –    'Rastvorennaya Pechal'  Triumph Gallery, Moscow.

04-2013     –    'Intersection' hosted by PAM & Peter Simon, founder of  The Monsoon Collection.  

05-2012     –    'A beautiful announcement of death' Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery, London.

05-2010     –    ‘Taxi’  Ann330 Gallery, Los Angeles.

04-2010     –    ‘Tokyo Green’  Conningsby Gallery, London.

09-2009     –    ‘Space & Time’  London.

01-2008     –    ‘Working Water’ RCP Gallery, Sydney.

09-2006     –    ‘Flight' The Boiler House, Shanghai.

11-2004     –    ‘Shift’ 109 Building, Shibuya, Tokyo. 

08-2003     –    ‘No Logo’ Maison Bastille, Paris.  

08-2002     –    ‘The Colour Candy’ G & A Gallery, Sydney.

09-2000     –    'Flesh & Foliage' Loft 56, New York

07-1999     –    'Liquid Mechanics' 18 installation works mapping endangered chalk streams in Kent.

01-1996     –    'Defluxio' deviation plinths installed in Los Angeles floodwater causeway.

12-1995     –    'Dreams walking past' guerrilla exhibition installation Fifth Avenue, New York.

02-1990     –    ‘Flight’ London.

09-1987     –    'Parking For Free' guerrilla exhibition, Canal Street, New York car park across 3 levels.

02-1986     –    'Intervened' 20 underwater installation works mapping Caribbean endangered reef hotspots.

07-1985     –    'Under the surface' documenting tourisms effect offshore. National Pantheon, Dominican Republic.


GROUP SHOWS (selected)

05-2019     –    'Dark Vat' artist residency exhibition. Krasnoyarsk, Siberia.

09-2018     –    'Site Unseen' Dellasposa Gallery, London.

09-2017     –    Contemporary Still Life, City of London Guildhall.

05-2017     –    'Ars Moriendi' Dellasposa Gallery.

02-2017     –    Museum of Contemporary Art 'Vanitas' in 'Narte Morte'. The Four Domes Pavilion, Warsaw.  

04-2016     -    'Reinvigorating the still life' Konsthallen Bohuslän Museum, Sweden.

06-2015     –    'Natre Morte' Hå Gamle Prestegard Museum exhibition, Stavanger, Norway

08-2014     –    Photo Shanghai with Valérie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing.

12-2011     –    ‘Iconoclasts’ Lloyds Club, London.

10-2011     –    'The House Of The Nobleman' London, Curated by Victoria Golembiovskaya. 

06-2011     –    ‘Still Even’ Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery, London.

10-2010     –    ‘You Are Here’  Flaere Gallery, London.


PROJECTS (selected)

12-2021     -    'Dark Vat II' planned studio opening in Siberia to complete unfinished works from 2013 & 2015.

11-2020     -    Design & install aluminium can recycling facility in Baa Atol, Maldives with Soneva Foundation.

07-2020     -    Lighting installation & re-opening of a Baroque Carmelite convent closed for over 180 years.

07-2019     –    Artist residency offered to artists Egor PastaElizaveta Stefankina & Alexey Shidlovsky.

04-2019     –    'Dark Vat' artist residency hosting 15 artists in a disused photographic paper factory, Siberia.

10-2018     –    20 works donated to fund a community PET & HDPE plastic recycling facility, Maldives, July 2018.

02-2018     –    Artist residency offered to glassmaker Zachery Cincotta (USA).

10-2017     –    Studio relocates Baa Atol, Maldives to create a collection of installations, photograms & texts.

10-2016     –    Launch of secure legacy artwork authentication through US-Copyright Office & BlockChain

01-2016     –    Three poetry recitals released from the 2015 artist residency. 

07-2015     –    Artist residency offered to eight artists continuing the yearly studio program.

01-2015     –    Studio relocates to Siberia to create a new body of work 'Oil + Water'.

12-2014     –    Artist talk 'Deconstructing Flow Practice' Cafe Royal, London.

09-2014     –    Artist residency offered to Russian painter Alex Kuznetsov.

11-2013     –    Studio relocates to 'Red October' chocolate factory, Moscow to create 'Rastvorennaya Pechal'.

03-2012     –    'Tokyo Taxi' a collection of photography & texts (2002 - 2012) published by Merrell.

05-1995     –    Designed, fabricated & distributed salt to fresh water solar stills to remote island nation inhabitants.

07-1986     –    9 month kayak expedition, Maldives, distributing aluminium can crushers to help stop island pollution.


09-2020     -    Journalist Jesus de Andres of Neuva Alcarria visits 'Renciendo'.

08-2020     -    Article by Javier Poyatos Sebastian. Professor 'Theory of architecture and the city' Valencia. 

05-2019     -    Art Critic Oksana Budulak talks to Roman Mineyev from Makers of Siberia about 'Dark Vat'.

04-2019     -    Sobaka Magazine visit to meet the artists during the Siberian residency.

04-2019     -    Sayan Documentary exploring the Dark Vat artist residency.

03-2019     -    Documentary film maker Eizaveta Stefankina with her interpretation of 'Dark Vat'

03-2019     -    Cultura24 film while exploring the space with the artists inside the Dark Vat Studio, Siberia.

11-2018     -    In discussion with VoyageLA, California.

02-2018     -    Vernon Press, USA publish 'Animae' interviews collated by Emma Coccioli.

08-2017     -    interview with Camilla Apcar of Luxury London 'Deep Water'.

08-2017     -    interview with ArtNet How to continue to challenge our understanding of the photographic medium.

08-2017     -    text by Jessica McBride, Dellasposa Gallery the history behind artists working with flag motifs.

05-2017     -    interview with ArtNet. How can water be a medium?.

02-2017     -    artist text 'Studio as laboratory' published in issue 13 AfterNyne Magazine.

07-2016     -    article 'The butterfly effect' Christie's International Magazine.

06-2016     –    article 'Dancing with butterflies' by Tricia Divets of Private Air Magazine.

01-2016     –    Philistine Magazine 'Pure Process' article with Crista Leonard & Dominic Perry.

12-2015     –    Russia Today TV 'Immersed In Moscow' TV documentary on preparing for ‘Rastvorennaya Pechal’.

12-2015     –    'Portrait of an artist' article by Eloise Stevens.

09-2015     –    Academic paper 'Chaos In Residence' by Eloise Stephens exploring the artist residency.

08-2015     –    interview FOUR Magazine's Arts Editor, Eva Luis Schwatz.

06-2015     –    'OIL + WATER' shortlisted for ‘Environmental photographer of the year 2015’ award. 

02-2015     -    Interview with Jeff CampagnaSmithsonian Magazine.

01-2015     -    Four Magazine 'Malerisch Fotografiert' article & interview with Arts Editor, Eva-Luise Scharwz.

11-2014     –    Interview with Laissez Faire Arts Editor Britt Pflüger 'Ophelia & The Chocolate Factory'.

09-2014     –    'Deutche Welle' broadcast EuroMax TV's studio visit to explore the underwater process.

08-2014     -    interview with Anna Mcnay, Arts Critic for Studio International discussing Russia.

07-2014     –    interview with Josh Sims from Billionaire Magazine interview with discussions of Russia.

06-2014     –    article 'An Englishman in Moscow' arts correspondent, Sophie Jane Newstead for Bric Magazine

04-2014     –    arts correspondent for The Global Panorama Jess Rayner article 'Underwater Installation Art' 

04-2014     –    Studio visit & interview with Arts Editor Dana Gorshkova of BURO 247

03-2014     –    critical text by professor Andrei Tolstoy; née Leo Tolstoy for 'Rastvorennaya Pechal'.

03-2014     -    Royal Photographic Society, 1st British artist in 30 years to prepare like this within Russia'.

02-2014     –    Interview on Voice Of Russia Radio, London.

01-2014     –    interview with FAD Arts Editor Kimberly Brown; article discussing my relocation to Russia.

11-2013     –    interview with Blouin Arts, Moscow Arts Editor, Nastassia Astrasheuskaya. 

10-2013     –    Thames & Hudson publish 'Natre Morte'  'Vanitas' works with texts by Dr Michael Petry.

08-2013     –    interview with Moscow Times, Arts & Culture Editor Garrison Golubock 'Art & Russia'.

05-2013     -    interview with The Positive Arts Correspondent Hannah Tyrell discussing whats 'Behind the art'.

04-2013     –    The Independent, Matlida Battersby investigates the exhibition 'Intersection'.

03-2013     –    Article by Bob Chaundry, Arts Editor of the Huffington Post.

01-2013     –    'Dead Or Alive' Gavin Lucas, Arts Editor of Creative Review deconstructs 'Glass'.

12-2012     –    Sunday Telegraph Newspaper, 'Panorama In The Arts' Section explores 'Glass'.

03-2012     –    'Tokyo Taxi' a collection of photography & texts (2002 - 2012) published by Merrell.

09-2010     –    AOP Association Of Photographers IMAGE Magazine; cover article exploring 'Fusion'.

06-2010     –    academic text by John Routledge 'Fusion'.


MEDIA LINKS (selected)

12-2019     -    'Renaciendo' exhibition Convento de los Carmelitas (ENG & SPANISH versions).

04-2019     -    Sayan Film Documentary, exploring the Dark Vat artist residency.

03-2019     -    Cultura24 meets the artists of the Dark Vat studio.

02-2017     -    'Studio as laboratory' published in issue 13 AfterNyne Magazine.

01-2016     –    Film 'Shifting Parameters' released.

01-2016     –    Film 'Water Light' released.

12-2015     –    RTV Television Documentary 'Immersed in Moscow'.

04-2014     –    M24 Television interview at the vernissage of ‘Rastvorennaya Pechal’ exhibition, Moscow.

02-2014     –    Interview on Voice Of Russia Radio, London.

02-2014     –    PRIVET Television interview given in the ‘Red October’ studio. Moscow.

11-2014     –    Interview with Laissez Faire Arts Editor Britt Pflüger 'Ophelia & The Chocolate Factory'.

12-2012     –    'Intersection' Film I, studio, London.



- 2020 'Renaciendo' exhibition catalogue

- 2019 Dark Vat limited edition book published

- 2018 PhotoGrams donated to fund a community-led plastic recycling facility for remote island nations

- 2017 Death of the dream

- 2017 'Studio as laboratory'

- 2016 All icons are false

- 2015 Transparency of a dream

- 2015 OIL + WATER

- 2014 Rastvorennaya Pechal (English & Russian text)

- 2012 A beautiful announcement of death

- 2011 Vanitas (Russian text)

- 2011 Vanitas (English text)

- 2010 Swarm