1st first plastic & aluminium to be recycled carbon neutral at the Makers Place artist studio


The journey is nearing completion for 'Makers Place' as the first shredded and washed materials pass through the facility, a milestone for the whole team; a big thank you to the whole Soneva family and my team Egor, Nurul, Shoel, Harun for making this all possible - I am indebted to you all.

For me it is an exciting moment as we enable a full circle to the plastic and aluminium waste arriving on these islands pertaining to the drinks industry. With the Soneva founders guidance, soon there will be little plastic and aluminium here to process; meaning the facility will switch to handling the waste from other local Maldivian islands which brings great satisfaction to me personally and to the Distil Ennui Studio family. Thank you all for placing your trust in me.

shredded pet flakes look like icebergs

Here you can see flaked PET plastic and Aluminium cans after passing through the wash station, drying on racks before heading into the studio for up-cycling. We are still awaiting a few key elements to be delivered before we can start full production which is very frustrating, but in the meantime we are busy training on the equipment and safety protocols. Patience will bring its rewards.

shredded aluminium in the wash station drying on racks

aluminium flakes waiting to be recycled in the artists studio

artist alexander james photographing the results in the aluminium recycling studio

makers place team are all smiling today

drying racks in the recycling process

shredded aluminium flakes

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the drying racks for recycling studio

Photography courtesy of resident artist Egor Pasta ©