A new collection of unique copper plate prints The mirror of the goddess


A new collection of copper plate prints 'The mirror of the goddess'

Each, a unique 10 x 10 cm chromogenic print mounted onto 100% pure recycled copper, museum varnished; all the elements for which are produced in the studio by the artists own hand.

” The breath of the west wind bore her over the sounding sea, 
upfront the delicate foam, to wave-ringed Cyprus, her isle. “

'Seen here, the words sung by Homer celebrate the birth of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Also known as Venus, she was born from the blue-green waves of the Mediterranean isle of Cyprus, regarded also as the home of copper where it has been extensively mined since antiquity.

Copper is charged as being the substance of Venus, its reflection revealing the beauty of life and the essence of the woman within the warm sight of polished copper. Charging all before it not only with emotional desire, copper is seen to bestow beauty, luck & balance onto objects and lives. 

Whilst artefacts can be found pre dating Christian & Jewish civilisations by 1000’s of years in the middle east showing elemental symbols of deity embossed into copper, my intention here is to reinforce a belief that society is in need of a spiritual re-awakening with nature.' Alexander James Hamilton.

Each unique piece is priced at £180. Buy these collectables from the online store now.

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