a pro-bono project restoring oil paintings held in the community church & convent art collection


I have learnt a great deal whilst helping Snr. Don Antonio the priest in a little mountain village lost somewhere in Spain, restoring some of the churches painting collection. I wrote back in 2019 about restoring a much larger piece by a disciple of Francisco de Goya from the same collection.

This small 32 x 48 cms piece is dated 1840, oil on copper plate, and has had severe varnish discolouration and impact or abrasion damage across its entire surface.

Here in the first detail shot you can see the extent of the damage and colour fading, and further below the piece nearing completion. All the damaged areas have been meticulously detail painted with period oils with a final natural shellac varnish applied. This is an important final stage, not only to re-vitalise the colour, but also so that in the future should conservators wish to continue the restoration work, they can reverse the final glaze with ease.

restoring an old oil painting pro bono pro-bono for the church in spain

a painting restoration nears completion with a natural shellac glaze a pro-bono service to aide the church

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