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Inspired by the dream-like aesthetic of Alexander's work and created during the 2015 London artist resdiency this short film tells a story of falling in love with a dream.  The world of dreams overrides wakefulness, illusions merge with reality, unconsciousness slips into consciousness, in a struggle to preserve the visions experienced in dreams before they fade, and become nothing but a distant memory.

In 'Ophelia' from 'A beautiful announcement of death' there is a deep melancholic mourning for a lost love. Mourning is a constant longing for memories to be real, to bring back the past, and ultimately resurrect the dead. This piece speaks of this longing, and a desire to turn back time and re-live lost memories.

please visit the STUDIO FILM ARCHIVE to see how this process came together.


written by Sophie Fenella Robins

performed by Georgina Dugale.

with special thanks to Chainy.com, Saatchi & Saatchi & University of Arts London

musical score by Daniel McBride & Rae Howell

Cameras by James Butler & Katie Olds

Editing Katie Olds & James Butler

Artists include, in no specific order:

Daniel McBride (composer.musician)

Rae Howell (composer.musician) 

Katie Olds (camera operator.editor) 

Sophie Fenella Robins (creative writer) 

Sophie Newstead (creative writer) 

Charli Parker (production design assistant)

James Butler (camera operator.editor) 

Eloise Stevens (creative writer) 

costume by Charli Parker

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