Augmented reality for Shopify allowing you to view artworks on your wall with Nvzn ARt Virtual Previews


We recently setup a new Distil Ennui Studio Shopify Store to help users wishing to browse the studio from their mobile phone. The long standing DistilEnnui.com platform is best viewed on a desktop or tablet, and is designed that way being an image and video content rich website. So this new site was much needed to facilitate the ever growing mobile traffic we are all witnessing.

Shopify is a great platform to allow easy integration with FB, IG, Pinterest & Google amongst many others with the current store we easily integrated 3 languages; English, Spanish & Arabic. There are of course other art platforms specifically designed for mobile use such as ArtLogic, but they are far more expensive compared to Shopify, and many of the advanced features such as Augmented Reality add a lot more to these costs.

Viewing artworks on the wall using AR is a powerful tool to offer visitors a more assured decision making process by seeing the piece and choosing a location in their room right from their mobile device. 

In our research we came across Nvzn Easy ARt via an organic web search and decided to give it a test run. To our surprise, within 24 hours of installing the App in our Shopify CMS we received an email from Ron Padzensky the founder & CEO of Nvzn based in Chicago. Ron was very helpful and polite enough to check out our installation and website before writing to us. He offered clear and insightful pointers on best practice with the App install and integration. The online guides were very clear and easy to understand so this extra level of support was not only welcome but very reassuring.


NVZM Easy ARt augmented reality Shopify app

The app itself from the client side is straight forward and from any product page with the AR facility engaged, there is a clear ‘View on your wall’ button that engages the function. You are asked to allow the camera on your device to scan the room with easy to follow instructions.

the on phone camera view enabled by East ARt Augmented Reality
the on-phone view when you start the augmented reality in your room.


Within the Shopify CMS you can connect Easy ARt with social media to help spark conversations and boost brand awareness with your audience on Instagram, Twitter/X, Facebook and the other major platforms.

It has international language support with website analytics integration catered for, so you can track the impact of Easy ARt on customer behaviour by adding interaction events to your existing analytics package. All in all a very well rounded Shopify integration. Nvzn also offer 3d model augmented reality in room views, although this was out of our price range it is an excellent option for those with 3d rendered products, we would have liked to give this a try but as with any artist studio budgets are limited so we will save this for another time.

The  Distil Ennui Studio Shopify Store  is still a very new platform so traffic levels are growing from ground zero but feedback so far from our core client base has been positive, I will add to this story in the coming months with more metrics, client feedback & in-room image views; but so far the experience has been well received. Thank you Ron & my compliments to his team at Nvzn.

Easy Art augmented reality viewer
all images copyright Nvzn