Exploding flower series of analogue photography working the old way in a digital age


For the past 4 months I have been busy cultivating Schubertii, Ambassador, Christophii, Purple Sensation and Karataviense Allium flowers in the studio preparing to revisit the 'Fusion' series I started 10 years ago.


exploding flower series by analogue photographic artist alexander james hamilton

The decision to grow these flowers was an easy one that for me has helped reinforce the connection with this complex project. From the 'flowers in hand' stage, I am creating a range of chemical balls each with varying levels of retardant, accelerator and mixed metal particles to create different effects in the studio. These floral spheres are deconstructed and then reformed around the chemical ball before setting them alight and documenting the process on large format analogue 8 by 10 inch film plates.


analogue photography artist on set in the studio

working in an analogue photographic studio

artist works on series inspired by acts of Ecocide and environmental concerns

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