John Pallant CD of Saatchi worldwide works with the Distil Ennui Studio to curate the artist residency


John Pallant, Regional Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA, curated and helped to handpick the 9 most deserving individuals for the Alexander James Artist Residency which was supported on Chainy.com. He was joined by Professor Robert Kessler, Chair of Art, Design & Science at Central Saint Martins in the curating process.

Alexander James has gained international recognition for his surreal photography of underwater sculptural scenes which involves everything from breeding butterflies to handcrafting fine jewellery. He has worked with fashion houses such as Versace and Chanel and his artwork is featured in collections by Rothschild Group, The Monsoon Art Collection and many others.

To turn this Artist Residency into a reality, Alexander James joined forces with Chainy, a global online collaboration platform for creatives. The application for the residency officially opened in May and gathered more than 250 applicants in just 28 days. After careful consideration of 14 candidates chosen by John Pallant and Robert Kessler, Alexander James selected 9 exceptionally talented creatives to be part of the residency. Reflecting on his experience when reviewing the applicants John Pallant commented, “The quality of the candidates was high and I became more and more interested in the project as I went through their applications. Actually, I wished I could have chosen more than I was able to. In my experience in our own work, things always become more interesting when people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines collaborate, and we have reigned an ideation process that works in that very way, so it will be fascinating to see how this project develops.” Under the guidance of Alexander James, this group spent over a month creating unique artwork in his studio. Alexander James has written about his experience of working with the successful candidates on his Distil Ennui Studio website. “Right now we are putting all the materials created together in a cohesion stage, where all these energies are placed into 3 final film pieces, a series of poetic texts recited under the audio landscape of a grand piano; as the visual poetry of slow moving water reflections weave their mystery – you will never be sure of what you are looking at; but you wont be able to look away.” See more artworks from the residency at www.DistilEnnui.com

See this article on the Saatchi Worldwide News Section - saatchi.com/en-us/news/creatives-selected-by-john-pallant-regional-creative-director-for-saatchi-saatchi-emea-took-part-/

curating the Distil Ennui Studio artist residency

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