Ocean Paintings a collection of underwater figurative large format analogue photographs shot in the open ocean


Figurative works have always been my great nemesis, technically fraught with problems, with hand made silk dresses and large format film plates that are difficult to handle & shoot. These new pieces are so far away from the studio control of previous figurative works. These are wild. Completely born of nature.... I just placed the pieces there; the ocean has the rest.

Here is the piece from last night on grainy 5*4" high speed polaroid stock dated 1987, blooms with colour and organic life. I have not shot figurative works since moscow in 2013 which have all been executed in custom tanks, here on the #BaaAtoll these works are created offshore in the deep waters of the Indian ocean using studio made lighting and a very brave young lady. Experimenting with halo like bubble formations referencing my earlier 2012 work ‘Witness’ from 'A beautiful announcement of death’. 

ocean painting series of analogue underwater photography

Ever feel like you are just falling? With fish everywhere and strong currents these new
offshore works literally shooting in the deep blue, for me they bring a new surrealistic world to light.


The ocean has created what it will with these hand made silk dresses. Presented here as shot with no post production.



underwater figurative fine art photographer

you can see more from this series at.. 'Ocean Paintings 2019-Ongoing'

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