sculpture works made from recycled drinks industry aluminium cans and PET plastic Coca Cola - Drink Less


3years ago I started collecting brand specific & segregated waste then recycling it all back into a more positive outcome for their 'end of life’ use instead of ending up in land fill or worse. The energy used to make one can alone is the same as recycling 25 old cans back into new. A horrifying waste of energy and valuable materials.

Coca Cola is rebranded in the studio with a 3d render model of a classic coke glass bottle with the text changed to 'Drink Less’.
Coca Cola is the target here with a rebranded 3d render model of a classic coke glass bottle
If you live in a country where there are no aluminium or plastic recycling facilities, and a corporation initiates a production line along with an advertising campaign specifically targeting the young to sell their product, surely this is an act of Ecocide. 

The corporations know full well when they setup operations (for example in the Maldives) that there are no facilities to dispose of or recycle their products packaging. When you start a new business, make sure its a clean and green business. Profit over environment is ECOCIDE.

'the greatest threat to our planet, is that we think someone else will save it.'
AJH speaking at 'Renaciendo', 2020.

I am also re-creating Rodin's 'The Thinker' an interesting thread to explore; what would Rodin's subject and the artist himself be contemplating if they were alive today. I would imagine seeing the vast amounts of valuable, careless and needlesly discared materials being dumped into the landscape, oceans and rivers would be a poignant message for anyone to consider; past and present. 

new sculpture works about to be cast in recycled drinks industry aluminium cans and PET plastic

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