studio designed furniture is intended to outlive us all by a very long time


Whatever I try to build or make aside of the normal underwater studio creations, I always try to imbue them with a build quality that will outlive me. In fact I am often quoted as saying that my works will long outlive all our descendants, aiming for the highest possible print, mount and framing execution standards. 

The same principle lies deep in this design, fabricated from SAE 304 Stainless Steel and Australian Iron wood otherwise known as the 'Widow Maker' tree for its capacity to cause fatal injuries to those unfortunate enough to be tasked with felling the trees. Both are impregnably hard and impervious to corrosion and age erosion.

This is designed with minimal lines, invisible polished weld edging and flush mounted timber slats finished hand trimmed and naturally oiled. I was very pleased with the outcome, and can you believe this dates back to 2004. So quite an old design which I am thinking of bringing back to life and remake as the original is with a dear friend who fell in love with it.

stainless steel and ironwood furniture design by artist

life furniture designed to outlive the owner

table bench seats and stools hand made in stainless steel and ironwood
life furniture design by artist alexander james hamilton distil ennui studio

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