The Colour Candy exhibition a collection of artist hand prints mixing philosophy, continents & colours


These images are from an early exhibition dating back to my first studio base in Sydney back in 2002. The exhibition included a custom made floating and edgeless projection screen the first of many that I have produced, with hand prints from three bodies of work (this tends to happen with no curator involved). The collections were 'Working Water', 'Flight' and 'Tokyo Green'. It also included floor standing illuminated works with texts scribbled in chalk on pavements in all of the locations I created these works. I think this to be one of my first public experiments with lighting installation, something that had been going on in the studio for many years prior.

I still have many of these prints in storage as only half the works sold at the time. I had to contend with a broad 'anti-pomme' (anti British) feeling within Australian society and collectors in general at the time, with many uncomfortable questions being posed about the reasoning for Australia to remain within the Commonwealth. These were very fair questions to be asking as many British government atrocities were being made public for the first time including the 'Stolen Generation' with many aboriginal babies taken from their families to be raised in christian foster homes or the Church, with many being abused throughout their childhood. 

Looking back I can see threads of my process that are still present to this day. All these works were shot on analogue film, many on the Hasselblad XPan double 35mmm wide format, it is strange but after all these years these prints still excite me for what is possible with film aside of the digital gimmickry so prevalent today.

I hope you enjoy this oddly curated mix of works.

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poster for guerrilla artist exhibition press campaign

tokyo art installation at night in surreal green shades

working water series on large shipping container vessels

borderless projects screen installation

shot on hasselblad xpan

working water art series on large scale container shipping