Aluminium & bronze sculpture works including a molotov Coke petrol bomb titled Enjoy

In November 2021 I returned to The Makers Place Studio I setup in the Maldives, now officially the first carbon neutral recycling facility in the region, turning single use drinks industry plastic and aluminium waste into works of art.
During that time I was able to complete several new sculptural works made entirely from waste materials rescued from land fill or simply being dumped in the ocean, including this piece ’The Rethinker'. For me it is an interesting thread to consider; what would the artist Auguste Rodin or indeed his model posing in 'The Thinker’ actually be contemplating if it were made today, and not in its original 1902 form. Seeing plastic bottles, beer cans and other single use rubbish at his feet is a stark reminder of the current plight facing the natural world.
'The Rethinker  dated 2021
made from 1,400 drinks cans, 26 sardine tins and the copper wiring from a discarded fridge motor
weight +/- 9.28 kilograms - h 23cms x w 17 cms
I hope these new pieces are seen in the light that they were created, as a playful commentary through a positive intervention that conveys a powerful message on a subject that I know is quite rightly worrying us all right now.
enjoy molotov coke petrol bomb
Enjoy’ Coke bottle molotov petrol bomb
weight +/- 1,280 grammes - h 20cms x w 6 cms
You can see how these pieces were made and the Makers Place recycling studio in detail on this journal post.
Plastic wrappings and bottle manufacturing for the confectionary & drinks industry creates 232 Million cubic tonnes of carbon a year, and only 6% of these packaging products at best are ever recycled, this adds exponentially to the extreme weather patterns we are all witnessing today; and horrific pollution levels in our oceans.

Just by carrying a 'Life Can' water bottle with you at all times and filtering your own water rather than buying it in plastic bottles would send a massive blow to these polluting companies and signify a major shift in consumer power. 90% of water brand producers out there are essentially selling bottled tap water anyway.

Small changes we can all make, amount to big changes within the natural world.

'Twisted' crumpled base, standing askew (left). 
‘Jezebel’ standing straight and tall (right).
weight +/- 1,250 grammes - h 20cms x w 6 cms (each)

I hope you found this journal entry informative, please stay connected.

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