Designing a circular future - Three Day Workshop Exploring The Mastery Of Materials & 3d Technology


Last Friday, Saturday & Sunday I hosted a workshop for 4th year Masters students of architecture at the Ermita de Nuestra Señora del Peral Budia. The workshop offered the students the chance to create from scratch or scan and improve an existing object in 3d, to be finally executed in recycled aluminium.

designing a circular future archtectural alumina workshop with artist Alexander James Hamilton

I was so impressed by the students ability to adapt and learn while actively engaging in the tech available on the course, including a 3d laser scanner, two FDM 3d printers & a state of the art resin 3d printer. Each of the students saw their individual design come to life, in 3d print prototype form and onwards into aluminium sand casting.

The workshop was especially important as it marked the official document signing of support funding ensuring the sympathetic restoration of the Convento de Los Carmelitas by the University of Valencia & the University of Alcarria. This is something that I had been working on for five years from when I started the project 'Renaciendo' where I worked single handed to re-open this important and last standing Carmelita structure in Spain.

inside the convento de los carmelitas restored by artist alexander james hamilton

Since the
exhibition in 2020, the universities, myself and the local council have formulated a plan moving forward to permanently re-open the site to the public respecting its important historical & cultural heritage.


The course also focussed on the importance of advance planning for any new architectural project by undertaking a full & comprehensive site & local area survey of available materials, skills, assets and past traditional crafts. This is something rarely undertaken on new buildings and could vastly reduce the footprint of any new build and greatly improve the buildings chances for environmental & community integration.

At the course I was able to introduce final stage designs of the 'Life Can' and the reverse osmosis public water fountain, suggesting that for any new building, it would be wise to incorporate an RO filter system into the buildings infrastructure, reducing the need for plastic water bottles by the occupants.

In a world drowning in single use plastic & microplastic waste and the ever worrying data of PFAS and other terrible contaminants now seen across the world in over 98% of global public water supplies. These chemical cocktails and the growing number of kidney stones cases globally. To me a healthy building is a happy building, as is a healthy community is a happy one.

a personal water bottle and reverse osmosis project to help reduce plastic consumption

3d objects created by the architecture student group

the students were from a masters 5 year architectural course

workshop sand casting moulds using petrobond mansbond sand ahead of aluminium casting

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