Life Can designed to create personal water bottles from recycled aluminium refilled from filtered water


The ‘life-can’ personal water bottle seen here the 3d model is in its basic form. 



This project is being linked to the new Makers Place, I think without such a solution we are just cleaning up peoples waste and not actually offering a viable solution. 

90% of the plastic waste from water bottle sales are because of the distrust the public have of the water system; After years of clever brand marketing, people  feel safer drinking bottled water even if it is a false ideal. 

The 'life can’ project will produce a personal water bottle machine that hydraulically presses the bottle form out of a recycled aluminium (billet) coin.

Working on the ground with the local governments we are planning to install water filter stations in schools, universities and transport hubs; offering clean and safe drinking water refill stations. 

What we propose with Makers Place can only be a viable solution if we approach the problem both at its source and final destination.

The word convenience and what we expect of it in a modern society, does in fact carry the heaviest burden for nature to enable. Think for a moment if you were always responsible for you own water supply; and instead of buying a convenient plastic bottle of water during the course of your day, you simply refilled it from available filtered water sources.   

If installed as planned, each user of a 'life can' would from this point onwards become a zero plastic water bottle user: and all you had to pay for it was a little less convenience.   

Read more about the ethics of water in an earier journal post with supporting data on the benefits of switching to filtered water. 

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