Innovart Fotografia design & print art book inspired from visiting the exhibition Renaciendo


This lovely 15 x 15 cms small format printed book was a total surprise when I opened the envelope, this is the second time an independant artist has decided to create a printed publication all on their own after visiting one of my exhibitions; before it was Red Ravine Books, publishing 'Dark Vat'.

Thank you Paula Montavez & Nando Ruiz of Innov Art Photography © 
https://www.instagram.com/paula_montavez/ AND https://www.instagram.com/nando.foto/


Download a PDF of the publication HERE

art book exhibition publication in small print run

from cover of fine art book

view the exhibition through all its evolving stages on the journal

or view the entire 'Renaciendo' exhibition

please visit the STUDIO FILM ARCHIVE to see how this project came alive.


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