Reverse engineering components with 3d scanning and 3d printing


In order to enable the studios casting foundry to handle new and more complex projects, 3d scanning & 3d printing are now fully operational in-house and providing exciting new possibilities.
range vision neo in use at the distilennui studio
Shown below are just a few of the very first 3d scans for 'Makers place' to continue production; they were completed with the Russian made RangeVision NEO, these first 3d models will be cleaned up and then split into two parts with opposing male/female registration pins in preparation for sand casting in aluminium. NB. reference image of registration pins shown below with Coke 'Drink Less'.


fish shaped door handle 3d scan

3d printed registration pins for aluminium sand casting
This has all come about since my recent reverse engineering 3d modelling adventures with the 'Drink Less' Coke piece and more recently a reworking of Auguste Rodin's 'The Thinker' which is soon to be cast in aluminium bronze within the next few weeks.

Whilst not revolutionary in itself, adding this to the studio workflow for aluminium recycling and casting is loaded full of potential as these have been expensive areas to tap into with third party suppliers in the past. Now bringing this in house we not only have the ability to reduce our costs bringing concepts to life, but we also have a full range of mobility on how we enable these projects. More updates on this subject to follow.

3d scanning and 3d printing in Spain

fish shaped door handle 3d scan

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