a project to help re-populate hermit crabs to islands in the Maldives shells removed by tourists - tourism


I wrote about this project back in March 2022, you can read the original & informative post herethis earlier entry will help build the background as to how I ended up with this final design, discussing the 3d scanning of different species to the original concept & reasoning behind the work.

ecocide project to help reppulate hermit crabs in the Maldives

Now 10 months on where for me the project draws to a close for handover to the production team. This project for me was no easy task: from learning the 3d modelling skills to test printing in both FDM (fused deposit modelling) & liquid resin 3d printers, to the silicone mould making stage where I tested a ganged up version for ramping up the number possible to make in one resin pour session. In final production these will be made at 'Makers Place', the recycling studio that I helped setup in the Maldives. This facility has a complex active carbon air filtration system that will capture any VOC's (volatile organic compounds) from being released into the atmoshere, once the Bio-Resin is cured it becomes fully inert and safe to be distributed within the environment.


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