Designing A Circular Future 3 day design & makers workshop 3d modelling, recycling plastic & aluminium


In 2019 I ran my first workshop series at the 'Dark Vat' Siberian artist residency, the workshops were titled 'Designing a circular future’. They incorporated a front to back circular process tha included 3d scanning, design methodology & applications, printing and final production of the finished designs. These five single day workshops were attended by over 300 young designers. 

The course invited delegates to suggest designs for fabrication by bringing objects or ideas to the table that we can scan or directly model the object in 3d for re-creation in recycled plastics or metals.

Since that time, the studio has better equipped itself to undertake all the processes involved which places the studio in a unique position to be able to offer a well informed course, and, to demonstrate every part of the process with up to date equipment; these include 3a d laser scanner, 3d printers FDM & resin a fully equipped aluminium foundry and plastics forming studio.

aluminium casting old drinks cans into useful objects for the community

Back in 2020, myself and three Distil Ennui™ resident artists undertook community work for 2 days a week through the long hot summer; we did this to help restore the Hermitage de Nuestra Señora del Peral tucked away deep in the mountains of Don Quixote country in Alcarria, Spain. Agreeing to undertake community work is  a condition of being accepted into the artist residency. This particula residency was 3 months long giving us a chance ot make a real impact on the project. It was a wonderful experience but jolly hard & dusty work for all those involved, we managed to restore three of the original main rooms in this 16th century church.

I am heading back to the same site in April 2024 to host a 3 day workshop for 40 young architectural & design students from the University Of Valencia. In collaboration with Professor Javier Poyatos Sebastián from the university the course will entail 3d scanning, object modelling, design brainstorming, 3d resin & FDM printing, live recycling of plastics and aluminium, fabrication theory & processes; then finally onto product fabrication with molten aluminium sand casting and plastic injection moulding to create the objects conceived by the group.


artist alexander james hamilton hosting a recycling circular design workshop

If you would be interested in attending or seeing the event on the Distil Ennui Studio™ livestream page as the course unfolds, then please do reach out and contact me directly for your access keys.

The course will be based around my many projects and writings on the subject including 'Makers Place' where I designed and built from the ground up all the machines & processes to open the first carbon neutral plastic and aluminium recycling facility in the Maldives. The facility allows for progress towards GOING CIRCULAR where products are created with their own end-of-life taken into account.

If you would like to host one of these courses for your students, please do get in touch.

Read  'Creative Ruralism' by Professor Javier Poyatos Sebastián
Professor of theory, architecture and the city.
University of Valencia.

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